With the upcoming school year quickly approaching, many parents and students are struggling with deciding on the best way to conduct learning in a time of COVID-19. We are like many other families, trying to keep our children and ourselves as healthy as possible, while balancing the need for parents to go to work and our children to maintain their education away from school.

In response to questions and conversations from numerous families, the Pure Athlete Center has developed a solution, with a high-quality e-learning program with small classes/pods, quality teachers, and a safe environment for children.


Students will participate in their respective independent school district’s at-home online curriculum. Students will be online with their school’s classroom teacher during synchronous learning activities and will have guidance and academic support from our teachers during asynchronous learning activities. Furthermore, during asynchronous learning time, students will be able to participate in Art, Music, PE, and recess within the facility.


With our spacious facility, we can accommodate pods of 5-10 students, with appropriate separation of the various pods throughout the facility to allow for adequate social distancing. We will assign students to a pod at their grade level. In addition, we will attempt to group students according to their school district to create as much consistency within the curriculum as possible. Organizing in this way is helpful because students within the same school district are more likely to have a similar schedule for synchronous and asynchronous learning times. Furthermore, grouping students according to their school district is advantageous for them to build long-lasting friendships with their peers who might live closer to them and potentially even attend the same school now or in the future.


We understand how much affordability matters in these difficult economic times. Our largest expense is acquiring and compensating our quality, caring teachers. Many teachers are willing to offer their love, guidance, and support at a reasonable fee. Taking into account all of our operating expenses, we can offer 7 hours of supervised, safe guidance as follows:

  • Pre-K through 1st Grade: $130/week
    (1 teacher supervising a maximum of 5 students per pod)
  • 2nd-6th Grade: $120/week
    (1 teacher supervising up to 1 pod with a maximum of 10 students per pod)
  • 7th-8th Grade: $110/week
    (1 teacher supervising up to 2 pods with a maximum of 10 students per pod)
  • 9th-12th Grade: $100/week
    (1 teacher supervising up to 3 pods with a maximum of 10 students per pod)

In addition to weekly fees, a one-time enrollment fee of $100/student will be due in order to assist with start-up costs, including student ID badges, as well as sanitation supplies and other classroom needs. Each student will also be provided with a school supply list each 9 weeks.


A Sports Performance Program is also available for any student who would like to participate in basketball or volleyball skills and athletic training. With high-quality coaches and trainers, this program option offers basketball and/or volleyball skills training, as well as performance-training to improve athleticism, endurance, agility, stamina, and strength.

Students who choose this option will participate in sports training activities after school until 6:00 PM (as well as possibly during asynchronous learning activities depending on each school district’s requirements). This is a wonderful option for those students who would like to train with coaches at the Pure Athlete Center after school.

The cost of the Sports Performance Program is $100 per week.


Our After-School Program incorporates art, physical activities, sports, and games, as well as additional tutoring. This program is perfect for working parents who need a safe and affordable childcare option which will allow their child to easily transition from the regular school day to an after-school program.

The cost of the After-School Program is $50 per week.


  1. Morning drop-off will begin at 7:00 AM to accommodate the start times for various school districts. Morning drop-off will occur at one of the four assigned doors to enter the facility. Carpool drop-off will be mandatory unless previously otherwise approved by our staff in order to limit the number of individuals entering the facility. High school students who drive will be assigned a parking permit and instructed on which door to enter. All students will be required to wear their ID badge while in the facility.
  2. Upon arrival, each student’s temperature will be taken and documented, and then each student will use hand sanitizer.
  3. Students must wear a mask and/or face shield upon entrance/exit to/from the classroom.
  4. Each pod will have a sanitation station with disinfectant wipes, tissues, trash cans, and hand sanitizer. Teachers will sanitize student workstations prior to the beginning of each school day, after lunch, and at the end of each school day.
  5. All pods will have a hand sanitizing schedule. Each child must bring their own hand sanitizer for their personal use in their workstation. Pod teachers and students will sanitize their hands at temperature check-in and drop-off, at the beginning of class start time, before and after all group activities, before and after lunch, before and after scheduled restroom breaks, and at the end of each school day.
  6. Each student will have his/her own school supplies. There will be no sharing of school supplies.
  7. Interactive group activities will involve sanitation of all games prior and after each use, as well as individual hand sanitation before and after each use.
  8. Afternoon pick-up will begin at 2:30 PM to accommodate the end times for various school districts. Parents/Guardians will be provided a carpool sign to indicate who they are picking up. Students will wait in their pod classroom and may leave when they are called to the carpool line.


  1. Students will have an assigned work area with sneeze guards around their work area so they can work in their space independently. Students may personalize their workstation by placing pictures or special notes from their family and friends.
  2. A permanent year-round teacher will be assigned to each pod and will be there to start each day with fun, positive greetings and help students begin focusing on learning. Their assigned teacher will support the students during synchronous e-learning training, then will provide interactive enrichment activities during asynchronous times. PE will occur daily, and Art/Music will occur on an altering Monday/Thursday schedule. Friday’s will be a fun free day during asynchronous time, with each teacher allowing students to choose between board games or other activities.
  3. Students will only stay with the students in their pod and only work with their pod teacher for all activities.
  4. Students may take their mask off at their own workstation, as it is a protected area with surrounding sneeze-guards and is maintained six-feet away from other students. During times in which students will interact with groups of other children away from their independent workstation, we will require students to wear a mask. Mandatory mask-wearing will also include recess time and any other interactive group activities if no sneeze guard is able to be a barrier for them to participate. We will attempt to go outside at times as well, and masks will be required if socially distancing outside cannot be maintained.


We know that, except for complete isolation, nothing will be 100% effective at preventing potential spread of any infection. However, as outlined previously, we are doing our best to do all we can do to minimize risk of exposure. While we will do our best to maintain infection prevention in our facility, we will still need the help of all the families in our program. We ask all families participating in our programs to please be completely honest and transparent with their isolation commitment for the safety of everyone involved in our groups. We will regularly remind families to communicate with everyone in your assigned pod of any concerns you may have for the safety of the students and families in your student’s pod.


All pod families will use GroupMe to communicate with one another. GroupMe allows each pod member to contact each other privately as well as in a group. All parents/guardians/caretakers within each pod, along with the respective pod teacher and assigned administrator, will be in the group for communication.


Once we confirm the number of students who have registered, we will be able to assign teachers and organize classroom spaces. We will then provide a schedule for touring the facility and meeting the teachers and staff.


It would also be extremely helpful for those families intending to enroll their student(s) to donate money towards our classroom expenses. This will assist our teachers in decorating their classrooms and starting our school year off on the right foot. Any amount of money will be of value! The donation will be tax-deductible, and you will receive a receipt reflecting your generous donation. To donate, please visit this link: https://pureathletecenter.com/make-payment/. Please notate that your donation is for “Donation to Pod E-learning.”


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  • Waivers

    Please print, fill out, sign, and bring these waivers with you when you come to the facility for the first time.

    PAC General Waiver of Liability

    COVID-19 Waiver of Liability