The PURE ATHLETE CENTER was started with a mission to make participating in competitive youth sports more fulfilling and affordable, for everyone.

We have been able to fulfill this mission with an increasing number of athletes, all while providing High-Performance coaching.

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The Reality of Youth Sports

It never seemed fair that the most affordable sports leagues were through recreational organizations, who have limited resources, primarily volunteer coaches, and allow players of all abilities to participate.

These leagues, while fulfilling a much-needed service and introduction to competitive sports, frequently do not offer adequate skills training or coaching and keep those children who are excelling from reaching the higher levels of competition needed for improvement.

With the advent of club sports and AAU teams for soccer, volleyball, basketball, and baseball, just to name a few, opportunities developed for children with a greater skill level to play against other similarly skilled players, improving the quality and level of competition.

Frequently, these club and AAU team organizations also improve the quality of the coaching as well, since most coaches for these entities get paid for their service, as opposed to recreational teams which are mostly volunteer.

The Problem, and Our Solution

A problem arises in that club and AAU teams require a significant financial commitment from parents of athletes. Fees for a single 4-6 month season can be $3,000 - $10,000! And those fees do not typically include travel, tournaments, or uniforms/accessories!

Understanding that student-athletes will need a platform to be seen for college recruitment, we provide opportunities at the highest level of competition with fees that are 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of comparable clubs. We do this while using High-Performance coaches, the highest level of coaching certification - something typically not available through other clubs!

We have also been able to offer full financial scholarships to 10% of our players and partial financial scholarships to an additional 20% of our players.

Pure Athlete Center was created in response to these realities and is attempting to change the landscape of youth sports by helping our North Texas children learn the proper techniques and fundamentals, with professional coaching, at a more affordable cost, and through financial assistance when needed.

Our Mission is to reform the sports culture we currently live in by:

  • 1 Creating equal opportunities for everyone to participate and receive proper training regardless of financial constraints. 
  • 2 Providing children with excellent leadership and ensure each participant is treated with respect, built up with confidence, and instilled with good character.
  • 3 Educating our children on nutrition, healthy habits, and the adverse effects of performance enhancing drugs. 
  • 4 Offering fundamentally sound training with sophisticated and trained coaches, with an emphasis on proper technique and the development of good habits.
  • 5 Allowing our children to enjoy playing their respective sports and cultivating their joy of the game. 
  • 6 Promoting a positive player and team attitude and culture within the scope of a focused, dedicated environment.


Pure Athlete Sports Club was founded in 2016 by Brock Pierce and Mischelle Slaton in response to the lack of affordable, high-quality youth sports programs in North Texas.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable sports organization, our goal was to supplement or eliminate fees for athletes that have the skills but not the finances to participate at the higher level of competition required to hone their skills to a professional level.

Pure Athlete has thus far been very successful! We started with about 20 athletes in our volleyball programs, then 80, and now are expanding significantly into multiple sports and a 25,000 square foot facility.

At first, we only offered volleyball training for ages 5-18 on AAU and USAV National Teams.

Of utmost importance, having stayed true to our mission, we have accomplished our growth with fees ~1/3 to 1/2 the cost of comparable clubs and with High-Performance coaches. Furthermore, we have been able to offer full financial scholarships to 10% of our players and partial financial scholarships to an additional 20% of our players.

All of this was made possible through individual and corporate donations and fund-raising efforts.

Behind our coaches’ and directors’ leadership and hard work, Pure Athlete has expanded every year, and the players in the club have grown tremendously on and off the court.

But, as the club continued to grow, we recognized the need to move beyond our previous practice facilities.

In 2019, Pure Athlete utilized courts through school districts in the Collin County areas, mostly Allen, Texas. However, the rising court rental fees became cost-prohibitive, and access to court practice time became less and less as the club’s growth led to a greater demand for space.

While we have been active in fundraising efforts and securing sponsorship money to reduce the costs of membership and fees for everyone, facility fees were our largest expense and affected our ability to expand.

With all of this in mind, we decided to merge with two other volleyball clubs, both with similar missions.

With an increased number of players, we developed our own Pure Athlete Center. Our new space guarantees practice time and provides a consistent location to host training programs.

Having this new facility, we foresee continued precipitous growth, not only in volleyball, but also in other sports, as our new facility has allowed us to partner with basketball, soccer, and martial arts programs so that we are now truly a multi-sport facility.

These partnerships have increased revenue into the facility, allowing us to meet overhead demands and lower costs for all athletes.

The Pure Athlete Center provides a unique niche market as an established multi-sport facility that provides higher competitive levels of training for multiple sports at cost-effective prices.

This is truly an asset to families and communities around the North Texas area.

With our growth, however, we need other people’s help and financial contributions more than ever in order to continue to make our dream sustainable. Sponsorship money and donations are essential to helping us grow other programs. Money for advertising, equipment acquisition, staff, and ancillary fees is vital to help us maintain lower fees for the families who trust us in training their children.

The Pure Athlete Center is on the road to growth, now in multiple sports.

We have always had big dreams for our community and our children, dedicating our time, effort, and money to training and leading our young athletes to be the best they can be.

Everything we do prioritizes our athletes, keeping their best interests in mind.

We desperately want to continue these efforts to reach as many children as we can and expand our goodwill to other young athletes and their families.

We hope you too believe in our commitment and will help the Pure Athlete Center grow! 





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Our sponsors allow us to keep providing scholarships, lower practice court fees, affordable uniforms, and much, much more!

There are five different sponsorship levels available that provide varying degrees of visibility and promotion for the sponsor in PAC media, publications, and within the facility itself.